Slack files competition complaint against Microsoft with European Commission Update: July 24, 04:30 am
Workplace messaging service Slack has filed a formal complaint against Microsoft Corporation with the European Commission, accusing it of anti-competitive practice. It says Microsoft is illegally "abusing its market dominance" and removing the competition in an alleged breach of EU law.

Innovating out of lockdown Update: July 24, 04:28 am
Even the most advanced nations on Earth have struggled to contain the spread of COVID-19. But as widespread lockdowns were enforced, the UAE began rolling out innovative technological solutions. In this episode, Sci-tech explores some of them: from flocks of drones disinfecting Dubai’s streets, to homegrown sanitising gates with features like instant temperature measurement, face mask detection, and 360° all-directional disinfection.

Huawei DigiTrucks - a driving force for digital literacy Update: July 24, 04:27 am
Half the planet’s population still does not have internet access. Much of Africa, for instance, is playing catch up with connectivity and digital literacy. A divide laid bare by the Coronavirus pandemic, with school closures leaving some students with no alternative learning. But hi-tech, mobile DigiTrucks are helping to heal that divide.

How the UNalab Smart Cities project is regreening overheated Eindhoven Update: July 24, 04:26 am
Many of our European cities have become more and more crowded, with lots of green spaces replaced by concrete. This tendency has had major repercussions in terms of climate change: floods, rising temperatures in city centres and air pollution are among the main consequences of this over-urbanisation of our living spaces.

The Hope Probe: the Arab world’s first interplanetary mission Update: July 24, 04:25 am
After six years of hard work and meticulous planning from the team of scientists and engineers at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai, the moment the United Arab Emirates has been striving towards finally arrived on 19 July; the Hope Probe launched-and set off on a seven-month journey to Mars.